Ramon de Oliveira

Ramon de Oliveira has reached the stage where introspection is routine and the desire to make a lasting impression takes precedence above mere success. De Oliveira wishes to ensure that the knowledge he has spent decades acquiring becomes an advantage for those who come after him. Naturally, this can be difficult; de Oliveira is not alone in attempting to leave a lasting mark on his generation or earlier. However, in the pursuit of greater good, de Oliveira aims to accomplish more for many than he did for himself earlier in his career. It was all about charting a private investing career path and achieving ever-higher degrees of personal performance in those days. Now, de Oliveira's success is defined by his ability to better the lives of individuals around him and a larger collective organization than just his personal sphere of influence. De Oliveira may very well do what he sets out to do in terms of making a lasting improvement in that area. Time will tell for certain.